Upgrading ZoneDirector and Connected APs

Consult the Ruckus Support website on a regular basis for updates that can be applied to your Ruckus network devices.

Note: For information and detailed instructions (including video tutorials) on upgrading ZoneDirector, visit the Ruckus Support How-To Hub at https://support.ruckuswireless.com/how-to-hub.

Ruckus strongly recommends reading the Release Notes for the release that you plan to upgrade to prior to beginning the upgrade.

Release Notes contain important information related to upgrading to the current release, including:

  • Supported platforms
  • Supported upgrade paths
  • Enhancements
  • Resolved issues
  • Known open issues
  • Client interoperability

Review the Release Notes to ensure that the ZoneDirector and AP models in your deployment are supported in the release. Release Notes and firmware image files are both available at https://support.ruckuswireless.com. You will need a valid Ruckus support site account to access these resources.

After downloading an update package to a convenient folder on your administrative PC, you can complete the network upgrade (of both ZoneDirector and the APs) by completing the following steps. The full network upgrade is successive in sequence. After ZoneDirector is upgraded, it contacts each active AP, upgrades it, and restores it to service. The APs use FTP to download firmware updates from ZoneDirector by default. If you have an access control list (ACL) or firewall between ZoneDirector and the APs, make sure that FTP traffic is allowed to ensure that the APs can successfully download the updated firmware.

Note: Upgrading ZoneDirector and the APs temporarily disconnects them (and any associated clients) from the network. To minimize network disruption, Ruckus recommends performing the upgrade procedure at an off-peak time.
  1. Back up your existing configuration.
  2. Go to Administer > Upgrade.
  3. In the Software Upgrade section, click Choose File.
    Figure 1. Upgrade Page
  4. Browse to the location where you saved the upgrade package, and click Open.
    The firmware image file upload progress is displayed.
    Figure 2. Firmware upload in progress
  5. When the file is finished uploading, the upgrade file name appears in the text field, and the Upgrade button appears.
  6. Click Upgrade. ZoneDirector performs the upgrade and restarts. When the upgrade process is complete, the Status LED on ZoneDirector is steadily lit. You may now log in to the web interface as Administrator to confirm the new build number.