Importing an AP Firmware Bundle

Beginning with ZoneDirector release 10.0, administrators can import a new AP model patch file to ZoneDirector without performing a full upgrade of the controller. In this way, new AP models can be introduced without the need to wait for the next ZoneDirector firmware release.

When Ruckus introduces a new AP model, an AP firmware bundle (or new AP model patch) is made available for download from the Ruckus Support website. Visit the Support site to download the AP firmware bundle to a local computer, import it into ZoneDirector, and the new AP model is now supported after a reboot.

Note: Upgrading ZoneDirector to a new release deletes all imported AP firmware bundles. Install the required AP firmware bundles only after upgrading ZoneDirector firmware.

The steps required for importing an AP firmware bundle are similar to the steps in Upgrading ZoneDirector and Connected APs.

Note: Importing an AP firmware bundle automatically reboots the ZoneDirector to affect the patch, temporarily disconnecting APs (and any associated clients) from the network. To minimize network disruption, Ruckus recommends performing the upgrade procedure at an off-peak time.
Figure 1. Importing an AP Firmware Bundle