Upgrade FAQs

Do I Need a Valid Support Contract to Upgrade Firmware?

You must have a valid support contract to upgrade or downgrade the ZoneDirector software. If you do not have a valid support contract, contact your reseller to purchase an appropriate support contract. After downloading and installing the software, select Administer > License & Support from the web interface for information on activating your support contract.

Note: By downloading the ZoneDirector software and upgrading ZoneDirector to version 10.3, be advised that the ZoneDirector will periodically connect to Ruckus, and Ruckus will collect the ZoneDirector serial number, software version, and build number. Ruckus will transmit a file back to the ZoneDirector that will be used to display the current status of the ZoneDirector support contract. Any information collected from the ZoneDirector may be transferred and stored outside of your country of residence where data protection standards may be different.

Is My Controller Supported by the Firmware Upgrade?

This release supports the following ZoneDirector models:

  • ZoneDirector 1200
Note: ZoneDirector 3000 is discontinued as of this release and cannot be upgraded to 10.3 or any later release.

Is My Access Point Supported by the Firmware Upgrade?

Refer to the Release Notes document available from https://support.ruckuswireless.com for the list of Access Points supported in this release.

Refer to https://support.ruckuswireless.com/articles/000006452 for a complete matrix of Access Point support by ZoneDirector controller release.

How Do I Get Support?

For product support information and details on contacting the Ruckus Customer Services and Support Team, go directly to the Support Portal using https://support.ruckuswireless.com, or go to https://www.ruckuswireless.com and select Support.