Performing an Upgrade with Smart Redundancy

If you have two ZoneDirectors in a Smart Redundancy configuration, the upgrade procedure is similar to upgrading a single controller.

Note however, that the active and standby ZoneDirectors will reverse roles during the upgrade.

To upgrade both ZoneDirectors in a Smart Redundancy configuration, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to the active ZoneDirector.
    Note: Do not attempt to manually upgrade the standby ZoneDirector before the active unit. If you do so, some configuration options may be lost during the upgrade process. Be sure to begin the upgrade process from the web interface of the active ZoneDirector (or the shared Management Interface, if configured).
  2. Go to Administer > Upgrade.
  3. In the Software Upgrade area, click Browse. The Browse dialog box appears.
  4. Browse to the location where you saved the upgrade package, and click Open.
    When the upgrade file name appears in the text field, the Browse button becomes the Upgrade button.
  5. Click Upgrade.
    The standby ZoneDirector is upgraded first.
  6. When the standby ZoneDirector upgrade is complete, the standby ZoneDirector reboots and becomes the active controller (begins accepting AP requests), while the original active device enters standby state and begins its own upgrade process.
  7. All APs are now associated to the original standby ZoneDirector (now the active ZoneDirector), and begin downloading and upgrading AP firmware to the new version.
  8. Each AP reboots after the upgrade is complete, and reconnects to the new active ZoneDirector.