Upgrade FAQs

Do I Need a Valid Support Contract to Upgrade Firmware?

No. Unleashed does not require a support contract for firmware upgrades.

Is My AP Supported by the Firmware Upgrade?

This release supports the following Unleashed AP models:

Indoor AP Outdoor AP
C110 E510
H320 T300
H510 T300e
M510 T301n
R310 T301s
R320 T310c
R500 T310d
R510 T310n
R600 T310s
R610 T710
R710 T710s

How Do I Prevent the Unleashed Master from Switching to Another AP During Upgrade?

By default, any Ethernet-connected AP can be the Unleashed Master, and if the current Master is offline, any other wired AP can take over as the new Master AP. Due to this redundancy feature, it may be difficult to determine which AP is the new Master after performing an upgrade.

You can designate one AP as the "Preferred Master" to address this issue. In release 200.6 and later, go to Access Points > Edit (Summary) > Others, and select an AP to designate as the Master AP from the Preferred Master list.

How Do I Get Support?

For product support information and details on contacting the Ruckus Customer Services and Support Team, go directly to the Support Portal using https://support.ruckuswireless.com, or go to https://www.ruckuswireless.com and select Support.