Verifying the Upgrade

After you have performed a firmware upgrade, it is important to verify that the Unleashed Master and member APs are running the expected software version.

Version details can be found in the web interface. If you prefer to use the command line interface (CLI), use SSH to access the Unleashed Master AP.

  1. To verify the current firmware version number using the web UI, go to Admin & Services > System > System Info, and locate the System version number at the top of the section.
    Figure 1. Verifying the installed software version from the Unleashed web UI
  2. To verify the installed version using the CLI, use the show sysinfo command.
    ruckus# show sysinfo
    System Overview:
      Name= Unleashed
      IP Address=
      MAC Address= d4:c1:9e:35:c9:40
      Uptime= 7m
      Model= R610
      Licensed APs= 50
      Serial Number= 941849001125
      Version= build 203