Performing a Local Upgrade

The local upgrade option may be useful in situations where the APs cannot connect to the Ruckus firmware servers, or if the firmware build you want to install is not available via the online upgrade method.

Because the APs do not connect to the Internet to acquire their firmware when performing a local upgrade, each AP must first be loaded with the new firmware image before rebooting to activate the new image.
  1. Go to Admin & Services > Administer > Upgrade.
  2. In Select Upgrade Method, select Local Upgrade.
  3. In Select image file(s) & upgrade, click Browse.
    Figure 1. Select local upgrade file
  4. Locate the firmware image file on your local computer, and click Open. The file is uploaded to the Master AP, and the Browse button is replaced with an Upgrade button.
  5. Click Upgrade to begin the upgrade process.
    Figure 2. Select firmware image files for each AP model
  6. If multiple AP models exist, you will need to upgrade one model at a time. Repeat the previous steps to upload firmware for each AP model. The progress for each AP is listed in the Upgrade Progress column in the table below. Once the Upgrade Progress for all APs has reached 100%, the firmware has been fully loaded onto each AP.
  7. Click Reboot to reboot the APs and set the new firmware as the active firmware.
    Figure 3. Once all APs have reached 100%, click Reboot to reboot the APs and complete the upgrade