VMware Specific Configuration

If you are installing vSZ-D on VMware, read these VMware specific configuration recommendations from Ruckus.

  • Deploy vSZ-D on a machine that has at least two physical NICs. Alternatively, deploy to two vSwitch instances with dedicated physical NICs.

  • When deploying an instance of vSZ-D using an OVA file, you must assign the management and data interfaces to two different network groups (vSwitch) on different subnets.

  • Enable Promiscuous mode in vSwitch Config.

  • In vSwitch Config, enable VLAN ID for All.

  • After the vSZ-D instance is ready, modify the number of CPU cores (if needed) before powering on vSZ-D.

  • For advanced CPU and memory resource configuration recommendations, refer to the vSphere Resource Management Guide, which is available on the VMware website.