vSZ-D Performance Recommendations

vSZ-D/SZ100-D has been designed to induce minimal latency in user data aggregation and forwarding. The unique design of the vSZ-D/SZ100-D software enables consistent packet performance with minimal throughput degradation as the number of tunnels or the number of clients’ increase.

The fast path processing of the vSZ-D/SZ100-D is engineered to scale to the underlying NIC capacity profiles whether be it 1G or 10G speeds. vSZ-D/SZ100-D is designed to scale and handle data tunnels and data forwarding capabilities at high scale.

The following are some important observations and recommendations related to the vSZ-D/SZ100-D performance:

  • To obtain the best throughput, Ruckus recommends operating vSZ-D/SZ100-D in directIO mode. This recommended mode of operation applies whether the hypervisor used is VMware or KVM.
  • vSZ-D/SZ100-D supports vSwitch mode of operation for added flexibility in deployments where vSZ-D/SZ100-D may be co-located with other VMs for service chaining on the same underlying hardware. Note that the current observations are that in the vSwitch mode of operation, there is an induced performance impact in comparison with the directIO mode of operation. This may be due to the latency or performance bottleneck in virtIO and vSwitch sharing. This is still being researched at the Ruckus R&D Labs.
  • There is an expected performance impact when enabling encryption (AES 128 bit and AES 256 bit) on the Ruckus GRE Tunnels. This is due to the overhead induced by the crypto processing on Ruckus AP and vSZ-D/SZ100-D due to the associated overheads of encryption and decryption on a per packet basis. The vSZ-D/SZ100-D software is designed to introduce minimal latency and overheads associated in packet processing. vSZ-D/SZ100-D takes advantage of the underlying Intel chip’s crypto module for packet encryption and decryption and the associated impact is primarily bounded at the hardware level.

For specific recommendations and calibrations that may be needed for your deployment, contact Ruckus.