Network Architecture

vSZ-D/SZ100-D requires at least two physical interfaces: one for control/management and another for data plane.

The control/management interface is used for communication with the vSZ controller, as well as the command line interface. The data plane interface is used to tunnel user data traffic from the APs.

Figure 1. vSZ-D logical interfaces

The access layer (southbound) is used to tunnel traffic to and from managed APs. The following connections exist on the access layer.
  1. AP to and from vSZ-D/SZ100-D : Data plane, secured by RUCKUS GRE tunnel.
  2. vSZ to and from vSZ-D/SZ100-D : Control plane, for vSZ to manage vSZ-D/SZ100-D
  3. AP to and from vSZ: Control plane, for vSZ to manage the AP

The core layer (northbound) is used by vSZ-D/SZ100-D to forward traffic to and from the core network.