Tunneled WLANs and Flexible Traffic Redirection

Many WiFi deployments have requirements to support tunneled WLANs for guest isolation and encryption, POS data security, VoIP traffic management, and seamless roaming across L2 subnets. One of the most deployed and easily managed way to meet these requirements is to enable a flat network topology by tunneling traffic to a controller.

With the vSZ-D/SZ100-D , it is now possible to support tunneled WLANs on RUCKUS APs that are managed by a vSZ controller. In addition, both the RUCKUS APs and the vSZ-D/SZ100-D support encryption capabilities on tunnels for data protection. This is especially important when tunneling guest traffic and in use cases where the service provider or enterprise operator does not have control on the backhaul links.
Figure 1. Traffic redirection flexibility with the Virtual SmartZone platform