DHCP Server and NAT Service on vSZ-D/SZ100-D

Highly scalable and optimized DHCP Server on vSZ-D/SZ100-D is designed from the ground up for WiFi networks. It also introduces NAT capability.

Note: DHCP Server/NAT function if enabled is supported only for wireless client IPv4 address assignment.
Note: DHCP Server and NAT service configuration is supported using AP and web user interface. Refer to Administrator Guide for configuring DHCP server and NAT service on the web interface.

DHCP Server

The DHCP Server is designed in-line in the data plane and provides extreme scale in terms of IP address assignment to clients. This feature is especially useful in high density and dynamic deployments like stadiums, train stations where large number of clients continuously move in & out of WiFi coverage. The DHCP server in the network needs to scale to meet these challenging requirements. The DHCP server on the vSZ-D/SZ100-D provides high scale IP assignment and management with minimal impact on forwarding latency. DHCP Server supports 64 pools with profile support.
Note: The DHCP service can scale for a maximum of 101K IP leases per data plane. You can incrementally add-on license on a per-group basis of two DPs.

NAT Service

With NAT service enabled, all the WiFi client traffic is NATed by vSZ-D/SZ100-D before being forwarded to the core network. Each vSZ-D/SZ100-D supports up to 16 public IP addresses for NAT. This feature essentially reduces the network overhead significantly since this reduces the MAC-table considerations on the UP-stream switches significantly. Again, very useful in high density deployments.
Note: Only single subnet is supported.
Note: The NAT service scales a maximum of 2 million sessions/ flows per Data Plane. You can incrementally add-on license on a per-Data Plane basis.