Enabling Flexi VPN

You can enable Flexi-VPN and limit the network resources that a UE can access. Flexi-VPN allows an administrator to customize the network topology, and is thereby able to control the network resources accessible to the end-user. This feature is only supported on vSZ-E and vSZ-H, and is enabled by purchasing the Flexi-VPN license.

  1. Select System > Cluster.
  2. Select Flexi-VPN.
    The Flexi-VPN status page is displayed.
    Figure 1. Enabling Flexi-VPN
    Note: The Flexi-VPN option is available only if the Access-VLAN ID is configured in manual mode, and when VLAN Pooling, Dynamic VLAN and Core Network VLAN options, and Tunnel NAT are disabled.
    Note: Flexi-VPN is activated when a Flexi-VPN profile is assigned to a WLAN.
    Note: A maximum of 1024 WLAN IDs can be applied to a Flexi-VPN profile.

    Flexi-VPN supports IPv4 addressing formats and RUCKUS GRE tunnel protocol. It does not support IPv6 addressing formats.

The following record table indicates that the Flexi-VPN profile is successfully applied to the WLAN:
  • WLAN: displays the name of the WLAN
  • Zone: displays the name of the zone
  • Zone Affinity Profile: displays the name of the source data plane from which tunneled traffic starts
  • Flexi-VPN Profile: displays the name of the destination data plane to where the tunneled traffic terminates