Delete PDP Context Request

These messages are sent from the controller to the GGSN or vice versa. The table below lists the message attributes.
Table 1. Delete PDP context request attributes
Attribute Presence Type Description
  • Version
  • Protocol type
  • Spare bit
  • Extension header
  • Sequence number
  • N-PDU flag
  • Version - 1
  • PT - GTP (1)
  • PT - GTP (1)
  • E - 0
  • S - 1
  • PN - 0
  • Version - Determines the version of the GTP protocol
  • Protocol type - Protocol discriminator between GTP (when PT is “1”) and GTP' (when PT is “0”)
  • Extension header - Indicates the presence of a meaningful value of the next extension header
  • Sequence number - Value of the sequence number
  • N-PDU Number - Value of the N-PDU number
Message Type M Integer Message type value is 20.
Length M Integer This attribute indicates the payload length in octets.
TEID M Integer This attribute identifies a tunnel endpoint in the receiving GTP-U or GTP-C protocol entity. It terminates the session of the TEID control plane end point. In case the request messages are initiated by the controller, the GGSN assigns the TEID value for a given session.
Sequence number O Integer This attribute is used as a transaction identity for signaling messages having a response message defined for a request message. This is the sequence number value, which is copied from the request to the response message header.
Tear down Indicator C Integer This attribute is either:
  • 0 - No
  • 1 - Yes
NSAPI M Integer For the controller initiated message, this attribute is a configurable value in the flat file. The value ranges from 5-15 and is included in the create PDP request message.
Error Indication O Integer These messages are sent from the GGSN to the controller. Error Indication lists the message attribute.