Location Services

If your organization purchased the Ruckus Smart Positioning Technology (SPoT) location service, the controller must be configured with the venue information that is displayed in the SPoT Administration Portal.

After completing purchase of the SPoT location service, you will be given account login information that you can use to log into the SPoT Administration Portal. The Admin Portal provides tools for configuring and managing all of your venues (the physical locations in which SPoT service is deployed). After a venue is successfully set up, you will need to enter the same venue information in the controller.
  1. Go to Services & Profiles > Location Services.
    The Location Services page appears.
    Figure 1. Location Services

  2. Click Create.
    The Create LBS Server page appears.
    Figure 2. Creating an LBS Server

  3. Configure the following:
    1. Venue Name: Type a venue name for server.
    2. Server Address: Type the IP address of the server.
    3. Port: Type the port number to communicate with the server. Default is 8883.
    4. Password: Type the password to access the server.
    5. Click OK.

You have created the location-based service on the controller.

Note: You can also edit, clone and delete the service by selecting the options Configure, Clone and Delete respectively, from the Location Services tab.