Working with Maps

Importing floorplan maps into SmartZone allows you to further customize the information displayed on the Dashboard and Access Points pages, and monitor your APs, zones, groups, clients and traffic statistics all within the world map view on the Dashboard.

Additionally, you can use the maps to quickly locate more specific information on a venue or zone, and drag and drop APs onto the floor plan map to represent their locations in physical space in your venue.

Once a map is imported and GPS coordinates are entered, an icon representing the venue appears on the world map on the Dashboard. The icon displays the current number of APs (Online, Flagged and Offline). You can hover over the icon for more information.

Double-click the map icon or click Zoom into this map to view the imported map in the Dashboard.

Figure 1. Once a floorplan map has been imported (with GPS coordinates), it is displayed on the world map on the Dashboard. Hover over the local map icon for more information.