Configuring Event Threshold

An event threshold defines a set of conditions related to the controller hardware that need to be met before the controller triggers an event. You can accept the default threshold values or you can update the threshold values to make them more suitable to your deployment or controller environment.

  1. Go to Events and Alarms > Events.
  2. Click the Event Threshold tab.
    This page displays the list of events with configurable thresholds including the event code, severity level, default value and accepted range, and unit of measurement for each event.
  3. Identify the event threshold that you want to configure.
  4. Click the event name under the Name column.
    The threshold value for the event becomes editable. Next to the threshold value, the acceptable range is displayed.
  5. Edit the threshold value.
    For Client Count, you can also edit the Trigger Criterion value between the range 1000-999999. When the client count exceeds 1000 users and when the client count drop percentage is more than 50% within an hour, the Threshold Value range of 50%-95% is breeched. This generates event 956 and alarm 956 which are displayed in the Events and Alarms dashboard.
  6. Click OK.