Monitoring Administrator Activities

The controller keeps a record of all actions and configuration changes that administrators perform on the server. This feature enables you and other administrators in the organization to determine what changes were made to the controller and by whom.

  1. Go to Administration > Admin Activities.
  2. Select the Admin Activities tab. the Admin Activities page displays the administrator actions.

    The following information is displayed:

    • Date and Time: Date and time when the alarm was triggered
    • Administrator: Name of the administrator who performed the action
    • Source IP: Displays the IP address of the device form which the administrator manages the controller.
    • Browser IP: IP address of the browser that the administrator used to log on to the controller.
    • Action: Action performed by the administrator.
    • Resource: Target of the action performed by the administrator. For example, if the action is Create and the object is Hotspot Service, this means that the administrator created a new hotspot service.
    • Description: Displays additional details about the action. For example, if the administrator created a new hotspot service, this column may show the following: Hotspot [company_hotspot] .

    Click to export the administrator activity list to a CSV file. You can view the default download folder of your web browser to see the CSV file named clients.csv. Use a spreadsheet application (for example, Microsoft® Excel®) to view the contents of the CSV file.