Zones, AP Groups, and WLANs

If your wireless network covers a large physical environment (for example, multi-floor or multi-building office) and you want to manage and provide different WLAN services to different areas of your environment, you can virtually split them using the following hierarchy:

  • Zones—Comprises of multiple WLAN groups
  • WLAN Groups—Comprises of multiple WLANs
  • WLANs—Wireless network service
Note: In vSZ-E and SZ100, when the system is upgraded to release 3.5, the new UI and re-architected stats database will prevent the system from displaying AP and zone stats if the AP/zone is operating on 3.4 or prior releases. In order to make full use of the UI introduced in 3.5, zones and APs should be updated to 3.5 as well. Operationally, the zones will still work, but stats visibility will be impacted.