Working with AP Groups

AP (access point) groups can be used to define configuration options and apply them to groups of APs at once, without having to individually modify each AP’s settings.

For each group, administrators can create a configuration profile that defines the channels, radio settings, Ethernet ports and other configurable fields for all members of the group or for all APs of a specific model in the group. AP groups are similar to WLAN groups (see Working with WLAN Groups for more information). While WLAN groups can be used to specify which WLAN services are served by which APs, AP groups are used for more specific fine-tuning of how the APs themselves behave.

Note: AP group configuration settings can be overridden by individual AP settings. For example, if you want to set the transmit power to a lower setting for only a few specific APs, leave the Tx Power Adjustment at Auto in the AP group configuration page, then go to the individual AP configuration page (Access Points > Access Points > Edit [AP MAC address]) and set the Tx Power Adjustment to a lower setting.