WLAN Groups

A WLAN group is a way of specifying which APs or AP groups provide which WLAN services. For example, if your wireless network covers three floors of a building and you need to provide wireless access to visitors only on the first floor:

  1. Create a WLAN service (for example, Guest Only Service) that provides guest-level access only.
  2. Create a WLAN group (for example, Guest Only Group), and then assign Guest Only Service (WLAN service) to Guest Only Group (WLAN group).
  3. Assign APs on the 1st Floor (where visitors need wireless access) to your Guest Only Group.

Any wireless client that associates with APs assigned to the Guest Only Group will get the guest-level access privileges defined in your Guest Only Service. APs on the 2nd and 3rd floors can remain assigned to the default WLAN Group and provide normal-level access.

  • WLAN groups are configured at the zone level.
  • Creating WLAN groups is optional. If you do not need to provide different WLAN services to different areas in your environment, you do not need to create a WLAN group.
  • A default WLAN group called default exists. The first 27 WLANs that you create are automatically assigned to this default WLAN group.
  • A WLAN group can include a maximum of 27 member WLANs. For dual radio APs, each radio can be assigned to only one WLAN group (single radio APs can be assigned to only one WLAN group).