Logging On to the Web Interface

Before you can log on to the controller web interface, you must have the IP address that you assigned to the Management (Web) interface when you set up the controller on the network using the Setup Wizard.

Once you have this IP address, you can access the web interface on any computer that can reach the Management (Web) interface on the IP network.

Follow these steps to log on to the controller web interface.

  1. On a computer that is on the same subnet as the Management (Web) interface, start a web browser.
    Supported web browsers include:
    • Google Chrome 47 and later (recommended)
    • Safari 7 and later (Mac OS)
    • Mozilla Firefox 44 and later
    • Internet Explorer 11 and later
    • Microsoft Edge
  2. In the address bar, type the IP address that you assigned to the Management (Web) interface, and then append a colon and 8443 (the controller's management port number) at the end of the address.

    For example, if the IP address that you assigned to the Management (Web) interface is, then you should enter:

    Note: The controller web interface requires an HTTPS connection. You must append https (not http) to the Management interface IP address to connect to the web interface. If a browser security warning appears, this is because the default SSL certificate (or security certificate) that the controller is using for HTTPS communication is signed by Ruckus and is not recognized by most web browsers.

    The controller web interface logon page appears.

  3. Log on to the controller web interface using the following logon details:
    • User Name: admin
    • Password: {the password that you set when you ran the Setup Wizard}
  4. Click Log On.

    The web interface refreshes, and then displays the Dashboard, which indicates that you have logged on successfully.