Viewing Events

An event is an occurrence or the detection of certain conditions in and around the network. An AP being rebooted, an AP changing its IP address, and a user updating an AP's configuration are all examples of events.

Go to Events and Alarms > Events.
The Events page appears displaying the following information:

You can also click the icon to apply filters, to display events based on time and severity.

  • Date and Time: Displays the date and time when the event occurred
  • Code: Displays the event code (see the Alarm and Event Reference Guide for your controller platform more information).
  • Type: Displays the type of event that occurred (for example, AP configuration updated).
  • Severity: Displays the severity level assigned to the events such as Critical, Debug, Informational, Warning, Major etc.
  • Activity: Displays additional details about the event, including (if available) the specific access point, control plane, or data plane that triggered the event.