Configuring Global Filters

The Global filter setting allows you to set your preferred system filter.

Global filters allow the administrator to define a system scope or system context that applies to all pages of the system as they navigate to different menus. For example, if your system includes 5 zones, but you want to view Zone1 and Zone2 only, you can create and apply such a filter. As you navigate throughout the system, the view will be restricted to show only the data, objects, and profiles contained within Zones 1 and 2.

To set the global filter:

  1. From the Header bar, click Filter setting . The below figure appears.
    Figure 1. Global Filter Form

  2. Select or clear the required system filters and click
    • Save—To save the filter settings with the default group.
    • Save As—To save the filter settings as a new group. The below figure appears. Enter a new name for the group and click OK.
      Figure 2. New Name Form

Note: You can delete the filter setting. To do so, click the Filter setting button. The Global Filter form appears, click Delete.