ZoneDirector to SmartZone Migration

SmartZone controllers are better equipped to handle large WiFi deployments such as within campuses and when customers are vastly distributed; therefore, Ruckus recommends that you migrate existing ZoneDirector deployments to SamrtZone controller deployments. You can migrate ZoneDirector AP configuration information to SmartZone controllers from the controller itself, using a migration tool.

The AP models should be supported by the controller.
Note: ZD versions 9.13 and 10 are supported.
CAUTION: Do not power off the AP during the migration process.
  1. Go to Administration > ZD Migration.
    The ZoneDirector Migration page appears.
  2. Configure the following:
    1. ZoneDirector IP Address: Type the IP address of the ZD that you want to migrate.
    2. Admin Credentials: Enter the username and password details to access/login to ZD.
    3. Click Connect. Lists of APs connected to the ZD deployment are displayed.
    4. Click Select AP to choose the AP information that you want to migrate from ZD.
    5. Click Migrate to migrate the AP. The controller imports the ZD configuration and applies it to the selected AP.

    The ZoneDirector Migration Status section displays the status of the migration. When completed successfully, a success message is displayed. If migration fails, a failure message is displayed and you can attempt the migration process again.