Managing WLANs

When you select a System, Zone, or WLAN Group from the hierarchy tree, respective contextual tabs appear at the bottom of the page.

These tabs are used to monitor the selected group. The table below lists the tabs that appear for System, Zone, and WLAN Group.

Table 1. System/Zone/WLAN Groups Monitoring Tabs
Tabs Description System Zone WLAN Groups
Configuration Displays the respective configuration information. Yes Yes Yes
Traffic Displays the respective historical traffic information. Yes Yes Yes
Alarm Displays the respective alarms information. See Managing Events and Alarms. Yes Yes Yes
Event Displays the respective event information. See Managing Events and Alarms. Yes Yes Yes
APs Displays the respective AP information. Overview of Working With Access Points. Yes Yes NA
Clients Displays the respective client information. See Managing Clients, Users and Roles, and Guests. Yes Yes NA
Services Displays the respective Services information. Managing Services and Profiles. Yes Yes NA
Administrators Displays the respective administrator account information. See Managing Administrator and Roles. Yes NA NA

When you can select a Zone and click More you can perform the following operations:

  • Extract WLAN Template
  • Apply WLAN Template
  • Change AP Firmware
  • Switchover Cluster