Exporting Raw Data Using the SCI Virtual Machine Command Line Interface

You can use the SCI VM command line interface to export larger amounts of raw data than can be obtained with the user interface. This data can come from any data cubes, dimensions, filters, etc. that you want.

Follow these steps to export the raw data you are interested in.
Note: It is recommended to never run more than one export command at a time because data could accidentally be overwritten.
  1. Log in to your SCI VM.
  2. Navigate to the following directory:
    /storage/ rsa-api/ export /configs
  3. Locate the file called config-template.yml
  4. Open the file using a text editor.
    The file contains instructions on what to do. You will need to either comment out certain lines or un-comment certain lines in the file, as directed, and will need to fill in the desired values of data cubes, dimensions, and other items as directed.
  5. Once you have made the changes in the config-template.yml file, be sure to save it under a different name that is meaningful to you, while leaving the original config-template.yml file in tact for future use.
    Note: If you are using SFTP, place the key file in the following directory:
    /storage/rsa-api/ export /keys
  6. Run the following command to export the raw data:
    sudo docker exec -it rsa-api yarn export-raw <config-file-name>
    where <config-file-name> is the name of your customized .yml file.
The raw data should be returned to the command line interface. Refer to the following topics for more information: