Users and Roles

The Users and Roles page of the Admin dashboard allows you to define who can control the various wifi resources in your system.

At its most basic level, you perform the following steps to define who has control over these resources:

  1. Create resource groups. For each group that you create, you select the Access Points, SSIDs, and other assets that you want to belong to that group. This procedure is described in Creating Resource Groups.
  2. Create users, then give the user a role, then assign the user to an resource group. The Super Admin role automatically is assigned to all resource groups. This procedure is described in Creating Users and Roles.

Resource Groups

The following screen shows an example of several configured resource groups:

Figure 1. Resource Groups Screen

A resource group is made up of your selection of a subset of the wifi assets available in SCI. The filters provided during resource-group selection allow you to select any systems, controllers, domains, zones, AP groups, SSIDs, or individual APs. A resource group allows the Super Admin to confine access for a group of users to a restricted set of wifi assets. Therefore, a resource group is equivalent to a tenant.

SCI contains a Default resource group. This group corresponds to the entire set of wifi assets. The Default resource group cannot be edited or deleted.

Note: SCI can support up to 2,000 resource groups.

Users and Their Roles

The following screen shows an example of several configured users and their roles, including those belonging to external AAA authentication servers:

Figure 2. Users and Roles Screen

Users are uniquely defined by their email address and their username. and each user must be assigned to only one of three possible roles: Super Admin, Admin, and View Only. The following figure shows the access rights of each role.

Figure 3. Access Rights for Each User Role

Note the following information about the Super Admin and Admin roles:

  • Super Admin: This role can be assigned only to the Default resource group. The Super Admin has full access rights to all functionality in SCI. The Super Admin is the only role that can exist within the default resource group.
  • Admin: This role exists within a resource group. However, a resource group can exist without anyone assigned to the role of Admin.