SCI supports a trial license that you can use to try out the product before you purchase it. SCI also supports a permanent SCI license.

SCI has a built in trial license that is valid for three months. You must update this license to the permanent license before the trial license expires to prevent you from being locked out of SCI.
Note: When your license has expired, you cannot log in to SCI. Instead, you receive a message that your trial license has expired, along with a link to the License page to upload your permanent license.

Follow these steps to upgrade to the permanent license:

  1. In the SCI web UI, click Admin > License.
  2. Generate a serial number for the SCI product.
  3. Use the serial number to purchase and activate a license from the Ruckus support website. The Ruckus website provides a license file that you can download.
  4. Upload this file to SCI on the License page. The following illustration is example of how the License Page appears, providing status of your licenses:
    Figure 1. Page to Upload Your License and Obtain Status of Licenses