Using the Navigation Bar

Use the navigation bar to access all dashboards of the SCI, as shown in the following figure.

The main actions you can take from the navigation bar include:
  • Using the Admin console. The Admin console is where you add controllers to your network. The admin console also shows the health of the system and checks for updates. Links to view the status of external sources that SCI uses, such as Hadoop, Spark and Druid, are also provided.
  • Using Data Explorer. Data Explorer is a custom reporting tool that allows you to manipulate an OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) cube to address the needs of a wide variety of users. Refer to Data Explorer and Data Cubes for details.
  • Generating reports. The remaining dashboards in SCI can be used to generate reports.
    • To filter the content displayed, click either the AP - SSID - Radio filter or the Time Period filter. For more information about using filters to generate specific reports, refer to the Working With Filters
    • To download a copy of the content currently displayed on the screen, click Download, and select CSV or PDF as the file type.