SmartCell Insight Introduction

SmartCell Insight (SCI) is a big data analytics and reporting platform that enables efficient management of wireless networks. SCI provides visibility into network performance, operation, and planning of Ruckus wireless networks.

SCI also provides predictive analytics through automated machine learning, without requiring manual configuration.

SCI uses scale-out architecture with support for clustering. A single instance of SCI can collect, process, correlate and aggregate data from more than 100,000 access points.

SCI helps manage and optimize a wireless network by providing analytics, reporting, and key performance indicators (KPIs) about devices, users, applications, access points, controllers, and more. SCI has several pre-built dashboards/reports, in addition to the ability to slice-and-dice data in Data Explorer to create custom reports.

SCI supports Ruckus SmartZone and Ruckus ZoneDirector controllers.

Note: All values in the reports, except AP counts, are approximate values unless otherwise stated.