Using the Scheduler

The Scheduler allows you to create schedules to generate reports to be sent out to recipients.

To invoke the Scheduler, click the thin "Schedule" frame just to the right of the navigation bar in any of the report dashboards. The example below is from the Overview dashboard.

Figure 1. Schedule frame to click to invoke Scheduler

The Scheduler allows you to create reports at set dates and times. The area numbered 1 in the figure below contains the Schedules frame. The black arrow head at the top right hand corner of the Schedules frame works like a toggle switch, and allows you to expand or collapse the frame. Select the New Schedule button on the top of the Scheduler to create a new schedule. The Create Schedule screen appears, as shown in the area numbered 2 in the figure below.

Figure 2. Scheduler on the Overview Dashboard
  • Name: Enter the name of the schedule.
  • Format: Select the format of the report from the drop down list, either PDF or CSV.
  • Repeat: Select a time frame for the schedule, whether Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly. If you select Daily, you also need to set the hour from the Hour drop down list. If you select Weekly, you also need to set the Day of Week and Hour. If you select Monthly, you also need to set the Day of Month and Hour. If you set Quarterly or Yearly, the date range is fixed before hand.
  • Recipient(s): Enter the email addresses of one or more recipients. If you have more than one email address to enter, separate the email addresses with a comma.

Click Save to save the schedule details. A new schedule is created and listed in the Schedule frame numbered 1 in the figure above.

Note: The Scheduler creates reports one hour after the specified time regardless of whether data exists.
The Schedule frame contains the list of created schedules, and above this list of schedules, the Enable, Disable, and Delete buttons. Select the schedule from the list and click the:
  • Enable button to activate the schedule.
  • Disable button to deactivate the schedule.
  • Delete button to remove the schedule.

The schedule frame is integrated into all the report dashboards. All the filters and functionality of the dashboards can be used to create reports to be sent at specific dates and times to recipients. A sample Network dashboard is shown in the figure below. Refer to the specific dashboard for the description of how the dashboard and filters work.

Figure 3. Network Dashboard Containing Schedules