Clients - Unique Clients Trend Over Time (Table)

The Unique Clients Trend Over Time table of the Clients report displays the total numbers of unique clients over the specified time intervals, as well as unique client count per radio, and client traffic (Tx, Rx, total) for a given time period.

The unique clients trend can be used to identify which time periods have the highest number of new clients connecting to the networks, or to compare transmit/receive traffic over different time periods throughout the day. Click the gear icon to select the list of columns to display. The table is sorted on the total traffic by default. Click any column heading to sort by that value. You can also select the top 10 (default value), 20, 50, or 100 clients to display, or display all clients. The number of rows per page is defined by the Rows per Page option in the table settings menu.

Figure 1. Clients - Unique Clients Trend Over Time Table