Navigating the SCI User Interface

The SCI user interface consists of four major sections: a header panel at the top, a navigation bar to the left of the screen, an expandable Schedules panel, and the main content panel.

Use the navigation bar on the left side of the screen to access any of the built-in reports, customize the way you view your data using the Data Explorer, or configure administrator settings.

The following image illustrates the four main sections of the SCI user interface. Refer to the table below for descriptions of each web interface element.

Figure 1. SCI web interface elements
Table 1. SCI web interface elements
No. Name Description
1 Header Panel Displays the currently logged in user profile. Click the user icon to update the profile or change the password as required.
2 Navigation Bar Contains links that take you to the various dashboards and the Data Explorer cubes and Admin console.
3 Schedules Panel Allows you to create schedules for generating and delivering reports.
4 Content Panel This large section contains the content of the page you are currently viewing.