Client Details Report

The Client Details report provides details about one specific client.

You can reach this report by either clicking on a hyperlink of a client name from another dashboard, or by clicking Client Details on the navigation bar. If you click Client Details to get to this screen, you then need to enter the MAC address of the client whose details you want to view.

The following figure shows only the upper two sections of the Client Details report:

Figure 1. Client Details Report (upper portion)

The Client Details report consists of seven sections and are described in the following table. Figures showing each of these sections appear later.

1 Summary Contains basic information about the client. The hostname in this example figure above is XYZ123.
2 Stats Contains basic statistics specific to this client.
3 Top 10 Applications by Traffic Volume A pie chart and line graph contain the applications run by this client that have the largest traffic volume.
4 Traffic Trend Two line graphs depict traffic by usage and traffic by radio type for this client.
5 RSS Trend A line graph depicts the received signal strength trends over time for this client.
6 SNR Trend A line graph depicts the signal-to-noise ratio trends over time for this client.
7 Sessions A table provides details for sessions between this client and associated access points.