Working With Filters

Filters are built into the report dashboards so that you can segregate and drill down into the data.

By selecting APs and setting a date range, you can examine specific subsets of data for any AP or group of APs for any time period in any of your wireless networks. For example, if you want to see just the total traffic and client counts for a certain AP on a certain day, you could use the Network Overview report, and simply select that AP and date only.

The same filters are available on most dashboards:
  • AP/Radio Filter (on some screens, AP/SSID/Radio filter)
  • Date Filter
  • Saved Filters. For information on how to use Saved Filters, refer to Using Saved Filters.

Once you have filtered the data, you can use the Download button to download the current dashboard reports in CSV or PDF format.

Figure 1. AP/Radio Filter, Date Filter, Saved Filters, and Download button