AP, SSID and Radio filter

Use these filters to generate SCI dashboards.

Custom AP, SSID and Radio Filter: The user can select APs, SSID and Radio (numbered 1 in the figure below) to view and analyze data.

Figure 1. Custom AP and Radio Filter
  • The APs area contains a nested list of APs, You need to click on one of the system names and continue to expand the list to drill down to the APs. The hierarchy of the list is: System > Controller > Domain > Zone > AP group > AP. You can select the AP, or/and controller, or/and zone as per your requirement. If you select a particular zone or AP group, the total number of APs is displayed. You can search the APs by AP name, and AP MAC. You can also search by controller, zone, AP group, and even a partial string.
  • The SSID dropdown lists contains a nested list of SSID. You can select the SSID and by default all SSID is selected. You can select or deselect all SSID or a particular SSID.
    Note: SSID option is seen on the nework, WLAN, client and application dashboards.
  • Radio select 5 or 2.4 or both GHz.

    Follow these steps to:

    1. Choose the AP, SSID and Radio filters
    2. Click the Save button to save your selections
    3. Use the Reset Filter button to clear the previous selections.