Creating a Data Explorer Dashboard

You can create custom dashboards in the Data Explorer portion of SCI to focus on data you are interested in that encompasses any or all of the nine existing data cubes. These dashboards can be saved so that you can create reports for this unique data set whenever you wish.

The steps below guide you through an example of creating a dashboard in Data Explorer.
  1. Click + Dashboard in the upper-right portion of the Data Explorer page in SCI.
    The New dashboard screen is displayed:
    Figure 1. New dashboard screen
  2. Highlight the "New dashboard" text and give the dashboard a name (DemoDB in this example):
    Figure 2. Naming the New Dashboard
  3. Drag your cursor to highlight any number of small boxes on this screen. A popup configuration window appears, as shown in the following figure:
    Figure 3. Adding a Tile to Your Dashboard by Using the Popup
  4. Using the popup and the icons, continue to build your tile. For example, you could select the following the Content Type 123 Total.
    The following popup appears:
    Figure 4. New-Tile Popup After Selecting Content Type of 123 Total
  5. Next, you can customize this tile by making the selections you want, as shown in the following example:
    Figure 5. New-Tile Popup After Doing Some Customization
  6. You could then click the option to Edit in Data Cube, which brings you to the following mode:
    Figure 6. Editing New Tile in the Data Cube
  7. You can continue to make edits to the tile. For example, you can hover over the Table icon and change the way the data is represented. The example below shows this data in a sunburst representation.
    Figure 7. Sunburst Representation of Tile in Data Cube
  8. When you are done with your selections for the first tile you are adding to your dashboard, click Save in the upper-right portion of the screen.
  9. Using the steps demonstrated above, you can continue to add as many tiles as you want to your dashboard.