CBSD Grant Suspended Alarm

Alarm Identifier 135
Description CBSD Grant Suspended, <Additional Text>, SAS-CBSD Procedure Failure.
Additional Information SAS-CBSD Procedure Failure.
Specific Problem CBSD Grant Suspended.
Perceived Severity Major
Action to clear alarm
  • Check additional text.
  • If required, switch off LTE AP and switch on after 10 minutes.
Entered Event Exit Event Probable Cause System Action Additional Text
Alarm is triggered when Grant Suspension/Termination or error received from SAS in Heartbeat procedure. When SAS-mode is set to direct and SAS changes the Grant state back to transmitting. Configuration or Customization error. Attempt re-registration procedure or grant on different channel/issue spectrum inquiry. Grant suspended due to Transmit timer expiry.
Grant revoked due to 500 failure Code in Heartbeat Response from SAS.
Grant suspended due to transmit timer Expiry.