Viewing Associated Clients

Use the Users page to view wireless clients that are associated with your managed APs.

On the menu, click Users. The Users page appears and displays the Clients tab by default, which displays wireless clients that are currently associated with your managed APs and their details, including:
  • Device OS: Device Operating System
  • IP Address : Internet Protocol address
  • AP: Access Point
  • VLAN ID: Virtual Local Area Network Identifier
  • WLAN :Wireless Local Area Network
  • VLAN :Virtual Local Area Network
  • SSID: Service Set Identifier
  • BSSID:Basic Service Set Identifier
  • RF Channel: Radio Frequency Channel
  • RSSI : Received Signal Strength Indicator
  • SNR : Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  • NFE : Noise Floor Estimate
  • CSTE: Client Saturated Throughput Estimate

If a large number of associated clients appears on the page, you can sort them by the column names. To sort clients by the column name, click the name of the column (for example, Venue).