Viewing Client Details

View details about a Wi-Fi client to determine its properties, including its MAC address, IP address, and the user name used to associate it with the AP. You can also view information about its connection, venue, AP, and WLAN.

Follow these steps to view details about a Wi-Fi client that is currently associated with a managed AP.
  • On the menu, click Users.
    The Users page loads and displays the Clients tab.
  • From the list currently associated clients, locate the Wi-Fi client for which you want to view details, and then click its MAC address.
    Note: If a large number of clients appears on the Clients page, use the filtering options to narrow down the client list. For more information, refer to Filtering Associated Clients.
    The Client MAC Address page appears and displays two panes:
    • Current Client Properties displays information about the Wi-Fi client's network properties and connection information. The following table lists the details that are displayed.
    • MAC Address: MAC address of the wireless client
    • IP Address: IP address assigned to the wireless client
    • User Name: User name used to associate with wireless client with the managed AP
    • Connected Time: Length of time that has elapsed since the wireless client associated with the managed AP
    • Authorized: Authorization status of the wireless client.
    • Connected to SSID: SSID on the managed AP to which the wireless client is associated
    • Connected to BSSID: BSSID on the managed AP to which the wireless client is associated
    • Client Event History displays a list of recent events that have occurred on the client. The following table lists the event information that is displayed.
    • Date: Date and time when the event occurred
    • Event Type: IP address assigned to the Wi-Fi client
    • AP Name: Name of the AP with which the Wi-Fi client was associated when the event occurred
    • Description: Brief description of the event
You have completed viewing information about a Wi-Fi client.