Viewing AP Details

From the APs page, you can click elements on the web interface to display detailed information about wireless clients associated with an AP, networks that are active on an AP, and events that have occurred on the AP within the last 24 hours.

To view the APs overview page, follow these steps.
  1. On the Dashboard, click APs.
    The Access Points page appears.
  2. Click the name of the AP that you want to view for clients.
    The Overview tab of the AP information page appears. The following information is displayed:
    • An informational message if the AP has a configuration error or failure.
    • A graph showing the traffic volume (downstream traffic and upstream traffic). To change the time period, click one of the following option check boxes:
      • Last 24 Hours—This is the default display.
      • Last 7 Days
      • Last 30 Days
    • A photo of the actual device model.
    • Properties of the AP including:
      • Name: The name of the AP.
      • Venue: The venue in which this AP is located.
      • Description: The description of the AP.
      • AP service: Displays the status of the service (ready [configuration is complete] or not ready). If the services are not fully ready, a percentage of the readiness status is displayed. Pause the mouse pointer on the percentage to view the percentage you must provide to enable the services. You are prompted to complete the information to make the AP service operational.
        Note: Although the AP service may be ready, the AP is may not be operational, if you manually disable the service from the portal.
      • Up time: Displays how long the AP has been providing service.

      • Last Seen: Last time the AP refreshed it's connection to Cloud.

      • IP address: The IP address allocated to the AP.

      • ECGI: E-UTRAN Cell Global ID helps uniquely identify a cell for OAM.

      • Physical Cell ID: PCI is transmitted over the air and helps clients identify it's serving Cell.

      • EIRP in-use: The measured radiated power

      • Channel: The channel number used for LTE transmission.

        Note: In case of CA-capable APs, you will see the above information for two cells: cell 1 and cell 2.)

      Click More to view additional properties of the AP. For additional information on this, refer to Viewing AP Properties.

    • The Floorplan information if configured.
    • Settings for Bonjour or Wi-Fi Radio if configured (for Wi-Fi only).