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Table 1. Summary of Enhancements in Ruckus LTE AP Management Release 2020.01
Features Description Location
New LTE AP Model Q950-US02 A New LTE AP, Q950-US02 is being introduced in LTE Release 20.01. Supported AP Models
SAS Configuration per Venue You can now configure SAS account for each venue. Configuring SAS Account for a Venue
AP Model's Build Version You can now configure the build version of each AP at the venue level. Configuring Software Build Version of the AP Model for a Venue
Enhanced Notifications settings You can configure the notification settings to receive only specific types of notifications Configuring Notification Settings
Enhanced AP List and AP Details pages The AP Properties page has been enhanced to display the Serial Number column instead of the Identifier column. Other changes include the eNodeB ID and MAC address column, NTP -related information and Scheduled Log. Viewing LTE APs, Viewing AP Properties, and Downloading the AP Logs.
Enhanced Add Network and Edit Network dialogs for ECGI While creating an LTE network, you can now add the ECGI records from the Create New LTE Network dialog. Creating an LTE Network.