Activating the RUCKUS Analytics License

You must have a RUCKUS Support Portal account (including user name and password). You can use this account to access general Support site content, including software upgrades, knowledge base articles, and technical documents. If you do not have a RUCKUS Support Portal account, must register before continuing with your license activation.
Every purchased license has its own unique activation code, and must be activated for the license to become valid. You receive the activation code in a separate Support Purchase Acknowledgment (SPA) email message for each license. Depending on the product, you may receive up to three different SPA email messages for all of your licenses.
Note: The first three characters of the activation code indicate the license type to which the code is applicable.
  1. Open the SPA email message that you received from RUCKUS, and verify the End User Account information. Only a registered user can complete the activation process.
    Figure 1. Verifying End User Account Information
  2. Click the Activation Code link in the email message..
    The RUCKUS Single Sign-on window is displayed.
  3. Log on to
    Note: Ensure you log in as a valid user in the End User Account. Only valid users are authorized to activate the licenses.
    Figure 2. Logging In To the Support Site

    The Activating Your Support Contract & License Code page is displayed.

  4. Verify the licenses to be activated. Accept the terms and conditions, and click Activate Purchase.
    Note: A single Activation Code can carry multiple assets that are part of the original Purchase Order and Sales Order. Therefore, there may be multiple line items within one Activation Code. Each line item must be activated. For example, if you have Cloud WiFi, Cloud Switching, and RUCKUS Analytics purchased under the same Purchase Order, you will see three entries and each must be activated separately.
    Figure 3. Activating Your Support Contract & License Code Page
  5. Click the license entry for RUCKUS Analytics (CLD-ANAP) to activate the license.
    Figure 4. Activating a RUCKUS Analytics License
    The Entitling Your Assets For Support page is displayed.
  6. In the Entitling Your Assets For Support page, select the following options:
    • The region where you want to maintain your analytics data. Currently, the supported regions are US, Europe, and Asia.
    • The Controller-type to which to attach the license: On-prem controller (SmartZone) or RUCKUS Cloud controller
    • The Contract Start Date
    Figure 5. Entitling Assets
  7. Click Register Cloud Region & Bind To Support.
    If the asset is successfully activated, a green banner with a confirmation message "Support added to serial number" displays. If you have more assets to activate under the same activation code, you are returned to the Activating Your Support Contract & License Code page.
    Figure 6. Activation Confirmation