Command Syntax Conventions

Bold and italic text identify command syntax components. Delimiters and operators define groupings of parameters and their logical relationships.

Convention Description
bold text Identifies command names, keywords, and command options.
italic text Identifies a variable.

[ ]

Syntax components displayed within square brackets are optional.

Default responses to system prompts are enclosed in square brackets.

{ x | y | z }

A choice of required parameters is enclosed in curly brackets separated by vertical bars. You must select one of the options.

x | y

A vertical bar separates mutually exclusive elements.

< >

Nonprinting characters, for example, passwords, are enclosed in angle brackets.


Repeat the previous element, for example, member[member...].


Indicates a “soft” line break in command examples. If a backslash separates two lines of a command input, enter the entire command at the prompt without the backslash.