Importing OVA image in Virtualbox (only once)

  1. Open virtualbox application and click on 'File' in the menu, then select 'Import Appliance'.

  2. In the popup dialog choose the path of the OVA image and click on 'Next', and keep the default settings in the next screen and click the 'Import' button.

  3. Once the importing process is completed, you can see the 'VRIOT-SDK' in the left panel of virtualbox.

  4. Double click on 'VRIOT-SDK' or just select it and click on 'start' in the right panel of virtualbox to start the controller.

  5. Once the controller is started you will be prompted to enter

    vriot login: (default value = admin)

    Password: (default value = Qbc@1234)

  6. After successful login, you will have a "Ruckus Iot Controller - Main Menu" where you can select choice 1 (Ethernet Network) to see the IP address assigned to the controller

  7. Check whether the application has started or not from the menu by selecting choice 3 (System Operation)

Configuring Gateway

  1. Login to your gateway.

  2. Configure your gateway to communicate with Controller's SSL enabled MQTT broker using the command

    rkscli: set iotg-mqtt-brokerip (your controller ip)

  3. Approve your Gateway so that it is allowed to communicate with Controller using the command

    rkscli: set iotg-dongle-approved 1