RUCKUS IoT Suite Overview

This guide supports 1.5 and later releases. The RUCKUS IoT Suite is a collection of network hardware and software infrastructure components used to create a converged, multi-standard Internet of Things (IoT) access network.

RUCKUS IoT Suite End-to-End Solution Deployment

The following diagram shows a typical RUCKUS IoT Suite deployment.

Figure 1. Typical RUCKUS IoT Deployment

The following components make up the RUCKUS IoT Suite deployment:

  • RUCKUS IoT-ready Access Points (APs): Accommodate RUCKUS IoT Modules, and provides Built-in IoT support to establish multi-standards wireless access for Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi IoT endpoints

  • RUCKUS IoT Modules: Radio or radio-and-sensor devices that connect to a RUCKUS IoT-ready AP to enable endpoint connectivity based on standards such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Zigbee

  • RUCKUS SmartZone Controller: A network controller that provides a management interface for the WLAN

  • RUCKUS IoT Controller: A virtual controller, deployed in tandem with a RUCKUS SmartZone OS-based controller, that performs connectivity, device, and security management

The IoT Challenge

Enterprises seeking to deploy IoT solutions come across challenges such as network investment, system integration, security, data analytics and several others. To encourage adoption, enterprise IoT solution vendors develop vertically-integrated, proprietary infrastructure silos that often address only a single problem but that do not readily integrate with other silos and offer limited opportunity for infrastructure reuse. The net result is that even successful IoT deployments require redundant network infrastructure, additional security apparatus, and extensive integration services.

The RUCKUS IoT Solution

To address the IoT challenge, RUCKUS has developed a suite of products that can be deployed as an IoT access network that consolidates multiple physical-layer networks into a single converged network. This common network simplifies IoT endpoint onboarding, establishes uniform security protocols, and converges IoT endpoint management and policy-setting. In short, an IoT access network enables organizations to more quickly realize benefits from IoT use cases.

The RUCKUS IoT Suite simplifies the creation of IoT access networks through the reuse of LAN and WLAN infrastructure, which shortens the time to deploy and reduces the cost of an IoT solution.