Vendor Connector Plugin Configuration

The generic BLE iBeacon and Eddystone plugins in the Ruckus IoT Controller support the following configuration parameters. These parameters define the location, port, and keys used by the Ruckus IoT Controller to send the beacon payload information to the BLE beacon vendor’s cloud service.


    The Ruckus IoT Controller connects to the vendor/connector URL to send the beacon messages. The plugin supports HTTP and HTTPS modes. The URL can be an IP address or a DNS-resolvable, FQDN-based address.

  • API Endpoint

    This is the API route where the BLE beacon vendor’s cloud services receive the beacon payload.

  • Port Number

    This is the port number on which the vendor/connector web server is running. No default values are provided.

  • API Key

    The Ruckus IoT Controller posts the beacon messages using the API Key provided (at the APIURL:port/APIENDPOINT location). The vendor application is responsible for authenticating the API Keys.

These parameters can be configured by way of the IoT Controller UI or the IoT Controller REST API. Refer to the Ruckus IoT Controller Configuration Guide and the Ruckus IoT Controller REST API Document for more information.