Hot Upgrade of IoT Gateway

The Hot Upgrade of IoT Gateway supports offline upgrade of AP IoT Bundle from IoT Controller. If the controller is running in a current IoT image, then the system makes sure the APs IoT version is upgraded/downgraded to the current system image. If there is any IoT version mismatch in the AP and controller, then a warning message is displayed in the IoT AP page.

The offline upgrade for an AP is observed under the following scenario.

  1. From the main menu, click IoT APs tab.
    The IoT Access Points page is displayed.
  2. Click an IoT AP.
    Note: If there is any mismatch in the IoT version of AP and controller then the following warning message is displayed, " Gateway IoT firmare mismatch".
    Figure 1. Viewing IoT APs
  3. To know more about the warning, click Events tab.
    Figure 2. Displaying Events