Contacting RUCKUS Customer Services and Support

The Customer Services and Support (CSS) organization is available to provide assistance to customers with active warranties on their RUCKUS products, and customers and partners with active support contracts.

For product support information and details on contacting the Support Team, go directly to the RUCKUS Support Portal using, or go to and select Support.

What Support Do I Need?

Technical issues are usually described in terms of priority (or severity). To determine if you need to call and open a case or access the self-service resources, use the following criteria:

  • Priority 1 (P1)—Critical. Network or service is down and business is impacted. No known workaround. Go to the Open a Case section.
  • Priority 2 (P2)—High. Network or service is impacted, but not down. Business impact may be high. Workaround may be available. Go to the Open a Case section.
  • Priority 3 (P3)—Medium. Network or service is moderately impacted, but most business remains functional. Go to the Self-Service Resources section.
  • Priority 4 (P4)—Low. Requests for information, product documentation, or product enhancements. Go to the Self-Service Resources section.

Open a Case

When your entire network is down (P1), or severely impacted (P2), call the appropriate telephone number listed below to get help:

  • Continental United States: 1-855-782-5871
  • Canada: 1-855-782-5871
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa, Central and South America, and Asia Pacific, toll-free numbers are available at and Live Chat is also available.
  • Worldwide toll number for our support organization. Phone charges will apply: +1-650-265-0903

We suggest that you keep a physical note of the appropriate support number in case you have an entire network outage.

Self-Service Resources

The RUCKUS Support Portal at offers a number of tools to help you to research and resolve problems with your RUCKUS products, including:

Using these resources will help you to resolve some issues, and will provide TAC with additional data from your troubleshooting analysis if you still require assistance through a support case or RMA. If you still require help, open and manage your case at